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Logging out of an online game to avoid combat/death. This cowardly tactic often denies the opponent some victory or loot they may have earned for your possible death. This tactic is often used by weaker outfitted or less experienced players.
In the online game DayZ, a well outfitted player presses alt+F4 (combat logging) to kill the game instantly when presented with a fatal situation with another player. This prevents the opponent from looting the gear from the dead players body and prevents the villain from having to start over as a fresh spawn.
by Firstrock January 22, 2014
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The act of logging off or otherwise closing a game during combat to avoid defeat, destruction and/or damage.

First employed during WWII when the Germans combat logged the Bismarck to avoid giving points to the British Royal Navy.
Since the day the Bismarck disappeared beneath the waves, accusations of combat logging have permeated the debate over who dealt the final blow; the British or the Germans?
by dqb8 August 15, 2018
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