an abbreviated or short term for collaboration, colaboratory. It may also mean to do a partnership with two or more persons when talking about making a video together, vlogging or blogging.
hey, let's do a video colab together!
by lpzrlph October 16, 2018
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An internship program for advertising amateurs, Apple aficionados, creative crazies, and alliteration aces.
Suzy stalked Lee Clow, Michael Francis, Alex Bogusky, and Dan Wieden on Twitter so her Colab application was a shoo-in.
by donalddraper June 24, 2010
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a very good tiktok account that has camp camp characters in gacha!
person 1: hey do you know camp_camp..colab?
person 2: of course i do! its an amazing account :D
by grap1xl June 17, 2021
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