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the plant food also known as mephedrone, that was once used as plant food, but is currently being used as a recreational drug. it combines the hight of cocaine with the euphoria of extacy. it is illegal in many countries, however, it is not illegal in the united states yet. it does not show up in any drug screening, so people use this drug while they are on probation to be able to get high, without failing a drug screen. This drug makes you feel sexcellent while you are on it.. however the come down is that of extreme shittiness. The come down from cokextacy will render you useless for at least 24 hours. it has been known to cause dehydration, shakes, gitters, hallucinations, depression during comedown, insomnia, lack of appetite, trouble urinating, social aloofness, and trouble controling your mouth. it may cause you to sing for hours at a time, wether you know how to or not, it sucks the shyness out of you. and often times you will find yourself dancing, even if there is no music playing.
lets go snort some cokextacy and sing some karaoke!!... then we'll take a xanax to avoid the shitty come down.

alright man but first i gotta put on these girl pants and a grill, cause i am ready to fight midgets.
by big mama c March 03, 2010
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