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From the Latin "cogn-" meaning to know or understand, and the Greek "nym-" meaning a name or word, a cognymation is a celebration, ceremony, or other gathering in which a person or thing's name is made known. The meaning of the name is often as important to the cognymation as the name itself.

Cognymations are popular amongst people who change their names for deeply personal reasons. For example, many transgender people choose a new name to reflect their gender. Other people change their names for spiritual or religious reasons.

Regardless of the given person's reasons, a sense of a new beginning often accompanies a name change. This is sometimes marked during a cognymation. Actual procedures and methods vary widely, as cognymations are a relatively new phenomenon in Western cultures.
"Hi, Alice! Keep the 10th open if you can," Rebecca said.

"Why's that, what's going on?" Alice asked.

"My name change will be legal by then," she answered, "and that's when my pastor and I will be holding my cognymation. I can't wait to celebrate with everyone. I hope you can make it!"

"Cool! I'll do my best. Why did you pick "Rebecca" again?"

"That's part of what we'll be explaining at the cognymation," Rebecca said with a smile.
by Blamtastical March 02, 2013
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