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A coffee bum is someone who mooches coffee from a co-worker or the office coffee fund but never gives any money to the fund or re-pays the person with the coffee. They are even known to leave a cup of coffee in the coffee pot , without making a new pot of coffee. Their best move is making change with the coffee fund money, then leaving the less than pot of coffee on the burner, until it turns to Carbon-12 on burndown mode and the fire alarm goes off.
Dick :

Hey Harry do you have any coffee ?


Yeah man


That f** ing dick never brings any coffee.

He is a f#$#ing coffee bum


WTF is that smell!?!? ?


It’s the coffee pot again! Some coffee bum didn't finish the pot.

Once again the Dick walks away. But he did make change.
by The Dude of the Stupid April 09, 2019
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