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when your doing awesome on cod and you have a nice killstreak going with your trusty intervention when all of a sudden SOME MOTHER FUCKER KILLS YOU WITH A RIOT SHIELD.
jacob was kicking ass and nailed a 720 silent knife but got a hit marker and then proceeded to get hit with a plasitc peice of shit riot shield and died. his cod rage boiled over the top and he chopped off his own friend zanes cock
by jackk harrisss August 04, 2011
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When one becomes enraged after playing to much CoD. This person becomes annoyed with everything in the game and snapes at anyone who approachs them. Even though enraged players usually persist to play even though it is making them mad. CoD Rage side effects may include a sense of hulk likeness which make one think they can destroy anything.
"Dude, whats up with him?"
"He's CoD Rageing."
(screams of anguish against newbs and campers)
"Oh, that sucks"
by BluntSmokingAnusDestroyer March 15, 2010
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A state of Extreme frustration brought on by losing in call of duty modern warfare
AJ: dude fuck this bullshit! can someone get a fucking UAV! they are camping our god damn spawn!!

Mike: dude if we dont get AJ a UAV soon he's gunna break somthing, he's got some bad cod rage.
by MikeLebow December 09, 2009
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