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A quite intense sport which involves a male and a female open to Mutual Use. Uniforms generally consist of assless chaps. When one Cockyacks, the pair lie ontop of an overturned kayack and the woman must ride the Cock and the kayak while maintaining poise and aesthetic appeal. If a woman makes her partner come before the course is over, 10 points are taken away automatically. When scoring, points may be deducted Falling off the boat and ejaculation. (for an extra challenge, choose a particularily rocky river to heighten the pleasure and challenge).
OMFG, yesterday we went cockyacking for such a long time. I thought that he was going to blow his load the entire ride down. After our run, i finished him off, Katie could never leave a man hanging, just like the African Swallows, They look out for needs of others no matter how kinky it gets. When she is in heat, she has been linked to many men, satisfying each of their desires. But no matter who She is servicing, her catch phrase remains the same. PYCIMM!
by Assless Chaps October 29, 2007
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