A child's phrase for shit, caca, feces, crap, dung or turd. Most often used as a noun but also can be used as a verb. It's a friendly, happy phrase, the kind of phrase you'd like to see in a presidential State of the Union address or in a prospectus from another Federal bailout-sucking huge corporation of fat-assed mendacious bastards.
Mommy-mere, I just made a HUGE, honkin' cocky doody, arent' you prouda me?

Listen here, Hoss, I'm a gonna cocky doody on you if'n you don't shut your face!

Mah felluh Ammurkins, I come before ya to make a cocky doody on the economy, which already is a cocky doody.
by Kandy the Embezzler June 30, 2009
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