a hybrid form of well... cock and twat. If you get angry at someone this is what you call them. Inspired by the common use by Bart.
Dammit Danny!! You're such a fucking cocktwat. Why don't you go die in a friggin' hole you qoy bastard.
by E-dubby dub October 24, 2006
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When a womans vagina is so loose,beat up,and meaty that her pussy lips hang down forming a bulge in her pants that looks like a cock.
Jack was gonna take Jill to his house from the party but after seeing the size of the cocktwat through her pants,He couldn't do it,after all her bulge was bigger than his!

Did you see the size of that cocktwat?Yeah, it looked like she had a sock in her pants.
by PERMWORD34 February 29, 2008
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