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=girl's whore-ish-ness

The intent of the equation is to remain simple. For this reason, any kind of modifiers such as girth, multiple partners at the same time, race (relating to larger or smaller memebers), etc. will not be used. The overall intent of the "cocklometer" is to simply define a woman's whore-ish-ness, similar to an odometer on a car.

A few assumptions were made to reach the final product. Assume the average man to have a 6" member. Also assume the average sexual encounter to be approximately 10 minutes long, with one pump/second. Since there are 3,320 feet/kilometer. This roughly correlates to 5 sexual encounters and a quickie (or 5.5 for easy math) to make one cocklometer. Defined as follows:

(6"(2)/rep)=(1'/rep) - once for the penetration, once for the pull out.

(1'/rep)(5.5 encounters)(600 reps/encounter)=roughly 3,320'=1km

So with those assumptions we derrived:

(x/5.5)n=cocklometer=girl's whore-ish-ness

where x = number of sexual encounters
and n = number of partners
Girl one: She's such a whore, she banged Brian 5 full times and then a quickie at his parent's house last week.

Girl two: "(5.5/5.5)1=1 cocklometer", not too bad.
by Iron_M1ke January 02, 2012
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