Also known as a cross-arm lock or cross-arm choke. The wrestler stands behind the opponent and uses one arm to place the opponent in a half nelson. The wrestler then uses their free arm to pull the opponent's free arm across the opponent's neck, thereby using the opponent's own arm to choke them. This can be set up as a bomb technique as well; after setting the clutch, sitting down and dropping the opponent on the back, using their hands as handles.
With the heavy-weight belt on the line and the whole world's eyes on the fight, the wrestler took the arm of his opponent and crossed it around his opponent's neck in the cobra clutch, pulling up just enough to cause loss of consciousness and ultimately win.
by Jesse Johnston August 17, 2006
a maneuver very similar to the snowplow.
"I totally put her in the cobra clutch last night."
by boltaford March 14, 2007
The clutcher curls his or her index and middle fingers to form fang like appendages. He or she uses the 'fangs' to separate the labia of the woman, so that his or her tongue can explore the deepest areas of the woman's lady bits. The clutcher then shouts "COBRA - LALALALALALALA!!!" flicking the tongue whilst pronouncing the "LALALA." This activity references the COBRA army from the 80's cartoon "GI JOE."
Man, did you get with that girl from the bar last night?
Yeah, man.
What happened?
I dropped her pants and gave her the COBRA clutch.
by Serpentor November 3, 2007