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Originally used with reference to miners i.e those who remove coal from the 'face' of the mine, its now more commonly used to mean any work closest to the frontline
Managers have no idea how hard it is for a sparky these days because they never have to work at the coal face.
I love pulling apart engines. Its great to get my hands dirty at the coal face.
by Chill Pills September 28, 2007
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When working in an office where there is a pecking order,the person with their finger on the pulse or more hands on than other workers is considered to be "working on the coalface"as opposed to others who are just drones as it were.
He doesnt know what he is talking about,hes not working on the coalface
by exgunrunner February 23, 2009
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Coalface is an Australian magazine for the Hunter mining community. It is a voice and guide to everything about working in the mines and living and loving life in the Hunter region.
Coalface Magazine showcases the Hunter mining industry in its best and most positive light, ensuring the majority of the community remains supportive of this essential industry.
by minerman April 15, 2014
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Derogatory term used for a Nigger, because coal is black, and niggers are black, so they have coal-faces.
Yo nigGa, u luk likes uve come from the mines, u coal-faced black bastard
by Seedhouse December 06, 2004
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