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Root word:(clownged) meaning to be defeated by a super-clown opponent in a match or contest in a manner so harshly it is (otherwise) indescribable in words. In this context, to be clwngd can be defined as "to be defeated by a clown of untamed proportions," with the strong connotation of also having been "made a fool of." It is generally used for friendly taunting of a passerbys in the park or at circus enemies, and harshly rubbing in any victories while laughing.
Bobby just got clwngd by bozo the clown, he urinated on his face, stomped on his toes, squirted cheez whiz in his mouth until it came out his nostrils, and smeared mayonaise in his ass crack, all while laughing hysterically in a crappy clown voice after beating him at basketball in the local park.
by wheats September 06, 2006
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