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(adj.) The best word to describe someone who is great, or has done something great or has affected countless people in a positive manner.

A truly great guy with a great sense of humor and brilliant originality, yet tends to have a short fuse when the pressure is on, which at some times may seem dangerous, but this is a great person to have on your side when the proverbial chips are down.

Can be used prelude to the phrase "flawless victory."
"the way he rides that gsx-r 750 is beyond my comprehension...he is simply clutchnificent."

"when his pants fell to the ground the glowing gold aura that eminated from his bathing suit area left me awestruck, it was sheer clutchnificence"

Ebonic usage: "son is straight up clutchnificent...yo..."
by Curt Clutch September 09, 2010
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