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"Clustercation" is a PG-ified version of the familar expression "cluster fucK," reportedly coined by U.S. Marines during the Vietnam War to refer to a situation gone wildly awry. Patterned semi-faithfully after the original compound word-set (i.e., "CLUSTER" and "FUCK"), "clustercation" is a variant compound formed from "CLUSTER" and the terminal 2-syllable fragment from the less ambitiously connotative, but more socially accepted "forniCATION." With its extra syllable, hard "k" alliteration, and distinct meter, "clustercation" may also provide a useful alternative in diverse discourse scenarios where "cluster fuck" would be permissible, but "clustercation" may yield more aesthetic appeal. Care should be taken to avoid overuse, to minimize being viewed as a magniloquent bore.
The fantastically inebriated Halloween celebrant cross-dressed as a female traffic cop instantly caused a raucously cacophonic clustercation when he ran out into the busy rush-hour intersection wildly swatting at the swarm of hornets he hallucinated all about his head and shoulders.
by texlex61 April 01, 2011
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