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Any child from ages 6 to 11 who roams around country clubs with the sole purpose of annoying everyone in sight. They are rarely ever found in the junior centers of the club where they are suppose to be kept. These children typically come from wealthy homes where their every whim is indulged and their every desire attended to. When their parents tire of their incessant whining and bitching they drop them off at the country club to which they belong in the hopes that they will become someone elses problem for a while. This usually occurs around the same time every day, about 3 oclock when many of their parents start getting off work. These children love to steal and hide basketballs, cell phones, and other objects belonging to older members of the club. The balls they are playing with somehow always find their way onto the basketball courts and tennis courts where games are taking place, and they also love to stand on the sidelines of any athletic event taking place and mock every mistake made by the players, often resulting in a suspention of play so someone can cuss out the offending clublet and perhaps physically mame him or her. Clublets have absolutely ZERO respect for anyone older than them, a common trait for their members of their generation, and require a good yelling at or beating every 5 to 10 minutes to keep them at least moderately in line. They respond to no other commands or requests other than physical pain or swear words. The females often are the leaders of the packs of clublets.
this is a typical scenario involving a wandering clublet.

clublet: "hey my phones better than your phone"
person working out: "ok go away i dont even know you kid."
clublet: "your phone sucks!"
person working out: "really? thats nice you little fuck. how bout i take your little phone mommy and daddy bought you and smash it into a million pieces?"
clublet: "im telling the front desk what you said!"

by lukethebeast August 08, 2008
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