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When you are in the club and either as an expression of joy or to break up a fight, one empties the clip of their 9 into the air. Similar to a desk pop but in a different local
We were standing outside of the Irish bar when we heard a club pop from around the corner. Everyone came out running and the po po lit that place up.
by Cordell Weatherby April 10, 2017
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When a member of Law Enforcement discharges their issued weapon inside a club or dancing establishment typically after a long night of drinking and trying to impress a Tinder date.
Did you guys see that FBI agent do a back flip and drop his gun? Yea he totally ripped a “club pop” off when he went to pick his gun up.

FBI Agent : Nah girl its all good its called a “Club Pop” we do em all the time...YO MURPH! When was your last club pop?

Murph : Two weeks ago bruh! Hella tight man! You opted for the ground level club pop when most peeps go for the ceiling...Strong choice braheem! You should prolly go buy that guy you hit a beer though bruh....
by Mike Partlow June 12, 2018
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