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noun: a humorous penis

noun: a penis with a red mushroom head

noun: George Bush
Did you hear that joke that Billy's clownpenis told? Fucking hilarious! Where can I shit?
by Huey Lewis and the Poops December 06, 2010
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noun (clownpenis, clown penised, clown penising, clown penises)
1. An act of failure. Not just any failure but repeated failure and especially when the subject is not aware.
2. A person who's engaged in an extreme and/or ongoing failure. It is notable that a clown penis does not generally know they are a clown penis.

3. An organization that has numerous clown penises. The term "clown peni" (rhymes with "in your eye") has been adopted here to not confuse with just a bunch of clown penises. In one case it's the clown penises themselves and in the other it's the collective.

4. The actual penis of a clown (archaic). This is considered rude and insensitive and has mostly fallen out of use.

"pulling a clown penis" or just "clown penis"
"Your perpetual motion machine has failed again. This isn't the first time you've clown penised this". passed tense

That clown penis cop is on my tail again.
Those clown penis truthers are at it again.

Specifically: the use of a deep fryer in the nude.

Usage Note

In examples where there isn't sufficient repeat of failure, the word failure can suffice. Reserve the word clown penis for failures that are more ongoing or obvious to others but not the subject.

Person A: "Wow, that squirrel crossing the road was sure clown penis".

Person B: "That behavior has some evolutionary basis and increases it's survival rate overall you clown penis".
"The service at the restaurant is clown penis."

Oh know, that guys going to pull a clown penis. Hasn't he realized you can't walk on the freeway...

A children's ride designer shared a project with his wife she said "that looks like a penis you clown". Search for "clown penis" for various videos. When in a fancy restaurants she would often refer to her "clown's penis" at times. The invention was licensed by a ferris wheel company. Engineers and fabricators made working prototypes but they did not notice that the it looked like a penis ride. Quality assurance specialist from schneiders wiener manufacturer did report the penis likeness. He was killed in an accident. The company manufactured a few thousand units and they were mostly purchased by festival and rental companies. None of them realized that the kids ride was in fact.. a penis. This early production run was outsourced to a small village in China. They knew it was a penis all along. They didn't care they just said "haha clown penis! haha clown peanut!". The neighborhood association that rented it in the video mostly consisted of young mothers who were involved with the local church. When they rented it, there were some concerns but nobody was really sure. Eventually it was deployed on a summer day. Kids didn't know or care if it was a clown penis. They loved it. Parents and other observers did not notice so the installation remained for a month until it mysteriously disappeared.
by inventorArtist October 21, 2014
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When the boy puts his member between a girl's legs from behind, giving the impression that in addition to her Vuva, she also has a small penis.
Bob came up from behind, suprising suzy with his famous clown penis.
by isabelyarg January 28, 2008
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The genitalia of a male clown. Originated in 1845 in South Africa, the Clown Penis is used as a derogitory word, often used to insult, mainly clowns and there penis'. Oblong in shape, the Clown Penis sometimes resembles a Magpie's penis, small, and thin in shape. Along with the Apetit, the clown penis is sometimes joined in a triangular formation called the Tri-Forge. In Bankok, the Clown Penis is a sign of nobility, strength and courage.
While going down on a fat chick when I was 5, I dropped my Churo, only to find a small clown penis slapping up against my cheek.

by Funtimecooltime July 14, 2006
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