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Noun. A display of playful or foolish behavior which deliberately causes immediate or delayed self-embarrassment and the “embarrassment-by-association” of those around the individual.

Clownfoolery is often, but not exclusively, linked to the influence of drugs and alcohol on ones ability to asses the appropriateness of their behavior as dictated by the social setting. Alternatively, if the setting encourages otherwise inappropriate behavior, clownfoolery may be a means for an individual to display his level of inebriation or propensity towards humourous self-deprecation.
Dave: Do you remember coming home from the bars last night, deciding to shotgun a beer, insisting on removing your pants prior to said shotgunning, tripping over said pants while attempting to remove them over your shoes, stabbing the beer can with a steak knife resulting in temporary blindness when the pressurized beer/foam spray hit you in the eye with comedic precision, proceeding to shotgun the beer with your eyes closed, spilling an obscene amount on yourself and the floor, and then pulling off your beer soaked shirt and using it to mop up, leaving you in only your boxers?

Luke: Hahahaha....<heavy sigh>... clownfoolery indeed.
by Dluxx March 19, 2009
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