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Cloov is for when the levels of 'trust' (trust: meaning when someone does something that they always do and it's like they've stereotyped it e.g. look Tara is wearing navy, omg what a trust she wears it all the time!) are really high and trust just becomes an understatement. So you can use cloov when trust levels are paramount and abundant, by saying cloov levels through the roof.
1. "Macy look at Tara! I can't believe her whole outfits navy and she even has a matching navy ribbon!"

"Such a cloov!"
2. "Martin is so obsessed with speculative fiction he abbreviates it to spec fic"

"Oh my god cloov levels through the roof!"
3. "Karly got a+ again, what a cloov."
by the popular fratboy January 08, 2016
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