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N. (cloaca + bureaucracy)
1. An administrative system in which the need or inclination to follow rigid, complex, and seemingly pointless procedures impedes effective action
2. Anything bureaucratic in nature that involves more than one piece of paper, office, handshake, or signature
3. A process whereby metaphorical pieces of shit in the form of paperwork are perpetually funneled through networks of inefficient and interwoven channels
Can also be used as an adjective: see cloacratic
Clerk: "Did you file your A.Z. forty backslash double-o seven seven two?"
Hapless chump: "No."
Clerk: "Well then you'll have to file an FK fifty-four twenty in order to process a request to file your AZ forty backslash double-o seven seven two."
Chump (impressed and crestfallen): "I had no idea there was so much cloacracy involved."
by Negatron June 26, 2006
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