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A Zimbabwean street diss derived from the word 'clown'. Has become fairly global recently due to its cool-ness.

1.Used generally as a term of endearment, among friends.

2.Can also be used to describe real-life idiots when a swear word is just not appropriate : like when at dinner with your gran, or your girlfriends parents.

Side note: Can be spelt a number of ways, depending on how gangster you feel at the time - clizza, kliza, or klizza. I know this is confusing but it's sort of like the terms 'just now' or 'now now' that all Southern Africans understand, but the rest of the world doesn't.
1."I can't believe that cliza unknowingly wore 2 different shoes to work today!!"

2."And then the cliza pushed in front of me at the bar, he got what was coming his way...."
by mattyafrica August 24, 2009
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