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What happens to every clique if you give it enough time, before everyone becomes everyone's ex and the clique falls apart.
a: oh shit, i just realized all my friends are my exes
b: not just that, all your friends are exes too
a: ...
b: ew, cliquecest
by Arrow In My Gut December 26, 2010
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Adapted from the word incest. The term for the antics of a group of closely socially affiliated persons who frequently and casually engage in sexual activity with each other, often simply out of boredom. These people are usually members of cliques that are founded on the concept that non-members are not good enough to speak to, let alone date. People who engage in clique-cest often believe that this behavior has no effect whatsoever on the relationship of each member of the group to all other members of said group. This often turns out to be a false belief, or else simply denial, as jealousy eventually becomes an issue forcing the group apart.

In contrast, this is usually not used to describe actually having had a serious romantic relationship with more than one member of a clique you belong to over an extended period of time. The term may apply if these interconnected romantic relationships put a strain on the clique because of jealousy or general awkwardness.
Non-Clique Member #1: "So Amber slept with Kyle last week, Kyle slept with Stephanie the week before, Nicole made out with Bryan a few days ago at that party, and I heard Kyle is going over to Amber's tonight when her parents leave for the weekend. Creepy."

Non-Clique Member #2: "What is with the clique-cest going on in this school? It's disgusting. Well, at least they're only sharing that nasty chlamydia infection with each other. They think they're too good for the rest of us, but I wouldn't touch any of them with a ten foot pole..."
by Reicheru October 03, 2007
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