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A fast paced up style of play reminiscent of the show time Lakers of the 80's. Led by Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, this dynamic team is set to be remembered for ages. Laker fans should be afraid. Very afraid. Especially any Laker fan going by the name of "Black Mamba" or "Kris" as this is associated with a person long since past their prime. Much like that loser ball hog Kobe. Clipper basketball should only be enjoyed by people that like watching exciting players. People who root for crappy teams just because they once had Shaq, need not apply. Clipper basketball fans don't root for laundry. Their time is now!!!!!
Wow, what a game! Did you see that dunk by Blake?
No I was just watching Kobe flop on the ground for 40 minutes.
Oh, then you weren't watching Clipper basketball like me!
by Special Sticky January 08, 2015
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