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Conservative rallying cry that has little to no basis in history or reality for that matter as stated. If by "nothing" you mean that Bill Clinton never dragged us into the kind of disaster George W. Bush did with his poorly-planned and executed mega-quagmire, then you'd be right on the money. However, if by "nothing" you mean the time his anti-terror legislation (Omnibus Anti-Terrorism Act of 1995) was cock-blocked by the GOP-controlled Congress, when his assertions that Al-Quaeda in general and Osama Bin Laden in particular were serious threats were balked at by many Republicans, when his proposal to create a department dealing primarily with homeland security was rejected, and when his warnings that Islamic extremism was going to be the new threat of our age were ignored, then you've probably been paying more attention than most of America.
Bill Clinton's anti-terror and homeland defense ideas weren't ahead of their time as much as they were shot down due to partisan bullshit from Republicans. And Democrats are supposed to be the obstructionists?
by Squid Wrangler July 30, 2005
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