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Cleopatria is smart, outgoing, goal oriented, compassionate, and completely Divine. People often look for leadership in "Cleopatria" many look up to a Cleopatria as a role model and many also can't stand the fact that they are a very confident people. Cleopatria is a natural social butterfly but also keeps a guard up to keep haters out of the circle. If you are lucky enough to have Cleopatria as a friend you can expect nothing but the up most loyalty from them, they are very adventurous people and always looking for a new way to make money and will not settle until their comfortable enough. A Cleopatria knows what they want in life and carries them selves with the highest level of pride. As long as your not on their bad side you will be smooth sailing with Cleopatria.
Always love a Cleopatria

Cleopatria will remain humble

Value a Cleopatria

Expect the best from Cleopatria
by Miss Cleopatria December 20, 2016
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