Any of the major American beer companies, including, but not limited to, Coors, Budweiser, BudLight, Coors light, Miller, Pabst, and any Low ABV beer. (Alcohol by volume) Beers with higher alcohol content like Steele's reserve and Cobra do not fall into this category, nor do micro-brews like New Belgium and Avery. Clearbeer can cause young males in particular, to experience heightened sexual performance as well as the perception of heightened physical abilities, like kung-fu. This often leads to bar brawls involving lesser skilled fighters catching an ass-kicking. (see beer courage)
"I drank a ton of clearbeer tonight, I'm going to beat down that dude who looked at my girl, then I'm going to drive her home and try to kill her with my dick"

"OK, see you tomorrow"
by Elwood money blues April 29, 2009
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