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Early morning:

1. Take a shower then a shit (dont wipe and make sure not to dry off)

2. Put pantyhose over your head (to hide your identity)
3. Get in bed with either your roomie or someone you want to get back at
4. Start screaming "GIVE IT UP!!!!!"

5. Run like hell!

This is the ultimate revenge and is hard to pull off without waking the person up by laughing but it's lots of fun because you have showered and shit and then gotten in bed with someone and scared the beejesus out of them and left a mess...its particularly fun if you are a guy doing it to a may inadvertantly result from this.
If he pulls that shit again I gonna give him a clean/travis.

I heard Tommy teabagged Carlo and then Carlo gave him a clean/travis...Tommy got so scared he pissed all over Carlo.

Jimmy gave Katie a clean/travis because he found out she was into weird fetishes they ended up having sex. Now Jimmy has the clap.
by tommygunna March 17, 2010
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