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a craigslist seller who dosent leave contact information. a seller who doesn't respond to e mails or phone calls. a seller who sets up a time to meet and dosen't show.a seller who expects you to belive that all the bigscreen tv needs is a fuse. a seller who claims it worked last time he tried it, or it worked when you got it,and you somehow broke it. a seller who will sell something after you put down a deposite and have left to get the rest of the cash, and doesn't understand why you are pissed. ebay scamers gone local
the cl jerk thought i would buy his pile of junk without hearing it run first. his post has been up for 3 days and the cl jerk never did return my phone calls. i thought the guy was a cl jerk but he made things right. mikie the yorkie wishes cl jerks would go back to ebay.
by mikie the yorkie March 02, 2008
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