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A crappy ass theater in Torrington and Winsted CT, featuring stale popcorn, expensive drinks and candy, horrible seating, small screens, and outrageous pricing
by ohyeahbabywoo March 05, 2005
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"Cinerom is an independent movie exhibition company that concentrates on building and running digital multiplex cinemas. Cinerom features the best in digital surround sound and going forward, stadium seating, which further provides an exciting and comfortable environment for our patrons. We also feature expanded concessions with a café and seating areas to give our guests a choice." But unfortunately most of the theaters are run down and contain extremely uncomfortable chairs (not stadium seating at all) and dumpy little concession stands.
Person 1: Hey wanna go to Cinerom ?
Person 2: OMG no it's so gross let’s go to Lowes or Hoyt’s instead
Person 1: Sure they are a lot better
by bored2121 July 31, 2005
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