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1.the receptacle in which the host is stored in church.
2.a French Canadian swear word, understood among French speakers in Northern Ontario, Quebec and Acadia, however mostly used in Quebec. Can usually be used a synonym to tabarnac.
-"En saint ciboire!" -"Fukking right" (in the same sense as "definately")
-"Fermez-vous mes saints ciboires!" -A French Canadian father might say to his kids "Be quiet you little bastards!"
-"Ciboire!" -In this case used as the word "Fukk!"
-"I'a un ciboire de shot lui!" -"He's got a crazy fucking shot that guy!"
by J-Y October 11, 2007
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t fâché, menaçant
Ah bin mon ciboér, to tu vu ta ciboér de face ciboér!!
by Ti-Coune November 03, 2003
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