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*when a regular sploof has a bag attached to it to create a parachute effect (catching, and eventually double-filtering the smoke)

The word used to describe a scent masking device mostly related to marijuana
It derives off the common-knowledge "Sploof" which is a device devised to mask the scent of smoke products such as tobacco and, of course, marijuana.
-a sploof is commonly made of something such as a water-bottle with holes in the bottom or simply a paper-towel roll, which is then filled with a scented sheet such as a dryer sheet, Lysol wipe, etc.
-when the product is made the user simply blows their smoke through one end of the sploof and the scent will be somewhat maintained

the *Chute-Sploof or "shoot-sploof", as some may misconceive, was a fairly simple additive to the Sploof itself. It was invented and became more popular due to the use of Jordan Brown.
-after the sploof device has been made, preferable with a waterbottle or even glass bottle as some 'fanciers' prefer, (Iced Tea had always been a creator favourite due to its larger mouthpiece and less pressure on your lungs when you blow) -but after the sploof is made you simply tape a bag to the end of it, (being sure it's suction-proof), which then allows you to catch all the smoke in the bag on the end of the sploof. This allows you to then be able to choose where your smoke is released, and even double-filter the smoke through the scented sheets. -the word *chute* derives from parachute which is a slang-name for a smoking device where a bag is suction proof, attached, and stuffed into a bottomless bottle; in which when you pull it creates a suction and fills the bag with smoke. (a concept best understood when looked into)
by Spitflip December 12, 2010
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