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A dinner served after dark that includes styrofoam plates and plastic utensils, usually provided by religious folk for fellow worshippers as a 'bonus' for attending said church. Spaghetti and marinara with garlic bread is guaranteed, with the potential for a wide selection of salads, green beans and corn. Silence but the faint sound of chewing is also guaranteed, as is mumbling about gifts the Lord brings. Canned soda is provided. The meal is typically served in the church gymnasium or assembly hall. It is also guaranteed that donations will be recommended. Gray metal folding chairs with brown seating pads are the typical seats of choice; an alternative is the white plastic chair, used extensively in the Plains states. Folding brown tables with metal legs are usually the norm.
Wow, it's as quiet in here as a churchmeal.
I went to the churchmeal last night; what a bunch of morons!
by M Menke August 02, 2008
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