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Chudaapshit is a derogatory word that refers to stuff that screws with your peace of mind. The word can be used to express your strong disapproval, disgust, frustration about shitty stuff in life, or your never ending pursuit to get rid of the virgin tag.

A portmanteau formed by combining 'chudaap' and 'shit'. It is a cooler version of the relatively uncool 'chudaap', which is also used by chai wallas,rickshaw wallas in Orissa,Maharasthra and UP thus making it a little crude. The shit added at the end gives chudaap a black US rap star twist hence making it socially acceptable and increasing your chances of getting laid.
Person A: " To start with, ur proud declarations, pronouncements and eloquent grandstanding,i will obstinately reiterate, stem from the fact that you never faced the consequences for your actions.But unfortunately hindsight is always perfect you can..."


Person A: :X
by messi-d up December 22, 2010
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