a chucklehead is someone who is annoying, stupid/idiotic, lame and is a huge prick!
leith: gosh! today while i was studying, joel brendans threw fruit nuggets at my head!
jeffery: zomg what chuckleheads! gosh!
by EVIE TRAN August 16, 2009
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i have no clue what it means its another word made by karl jacobs (follow him on twitch on twitch dot tv slash karl jacobs"
by gall has lots of issues February 01, 2021
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some clown who takes himself seriously
Elias is such a chucklehead, I wish he would just shut up.
by Nicole May 19, 2004
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An audience member for the Bill Maher HBO Show
Bill: laugh u chuckle heads

Audience: (in unison) hahahahahahah
by Trezueguet March 15, 2020
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human twins aged 5 and under.
"Man these chuckleheads are wearing me the fuck out. Howard and I just haven't gotten ANY sleep since Tray and Troy were born!"
by Evalee October 06, 2006
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Someone who resembles Carlos Lobos, with Lobos like qualities....
Carlos stop being such a Chuckle Head
by Rob Christensen March 17, 2005
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A rejected term now used only by those from Naugatuck to describe one who "goofs off" in class.
by Chucklehead15 March 08, 2011
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