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The word HAAX is somewhat different to the word hax in the sense that it is not the original word. Instead, it originated from a man known as 'doctor HAAX' inside of a series on YouTube called 'The Gmod Idiot Box'. Doctor HAAX, after realising that someone called Chuckles is cheating at a LAN party, proceeds to scream , "HAAX!" and a computer monitor is thrown at Chuckles's head. He proceeds to do so through the YouTube series.
Doctor HAAX: HAAX!

*Monitor collides with face, producing bloody mess*
by Floatypineapple June 10, 2009
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A sound effect in a First Person Shooter called Half-Life 2, made by a rebel, indicating that a Manhack is near by.

Popurarly used in "Gmod idiot box", a machinima series by DasBoSchitt. Shouted by "Dr. Hax", a big head copy of Dr. Breen(one of Half-Life 2 charachters), which is looking for people using cheats.

There is also a downloadable weapon made for game Garry's Mod which makes you shout "HAAX!!!" and shoot a monitor at the enemy you're pointing at.
Example 1:

A lot of Manhacks flying at the group
-Haacks!!!-One of rebels shout.

Example 2:
Chuckles the Cheat is using cheats on Counter-Strike
"Yeah!" Chuckles says.
"HAAX!!!" Pointing at Chuckles says Dr. Hax. A monitor flies at Chukles.
by GModPlayer April 24, 2010
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