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A sexual act performed by a woman on a man, defined as follows:

The woman must be significantly over-weight, to the point where her stomach creates "fat rolls". She must be wearing a bikini that is clearly too small for her and is potentially embarrassing to be seen wearing in public. The man must wear swim trunks with a hole in the front for the penis to escape. The two must engage in swimming activity in a kiddie pool. NOTE: It is imperative that this act occur in a kiddie pool. Once the partners are completely saturated, the woman must push her fat rolls together while the man inserts his (hopefully) erect penis in the space between the rolls. The woman then slides her body on the penis, mimicking the act of a traditional handjob. Throughout this process, the woman must make dolphin noises (i.e. "Eeeeee!")
"Dude, my girl just gave me a chubby dolphin in the kiddie pool after the Fourth of July party yesterday."
by The Harlot of Misplaced Wisdom December 11, 2011
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