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Carpenters of time, or time hackers (east coast USA slang). Those who use expend personal time to devote to the study of measuring natural processes in relation to biosurvival markets.

Basically, the people who have tons of old military grade time pieces and who are interested in the preservation of the history of chronology, but who will never wear a watch on their arm.

"Time = Money = sqrt(all evil)" is a common phrase used in the community.
Ex: The 1950's chronopunks movement revolved around automotive engineers who cheated at winning international land speed records by reducing mass under the road while competition of Operation Paperclip Engineers and Cal-Tech were having status issues.

Ex: Chronoarnarchists are a blend of cryptoanarchist and systems engineer these days. The stoned guy who is always anal about the time server being set right.
by samsonitetrash July 09, 2011
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