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The nick name often given to somebody named Christopher or Chris. He likes to annoy people but cannot cope being picked on himself. Gets grumpy when you touch his computer. Wears his pants pulled up under his armpits and winter clothes in summer. Extremely bad sport and sore loser. ie flips the board in the middle of monopoly or throws x-box controllers when losing any game. Likes to think he is right all the time, finds it hard to cope when he is wrong. Is okay to do Grandad duties as long as he does not have to deal with poo, wee, vomit, dribble, food....or mess in general. Enjoys afternoon naps, teasing small children and and being angry.
Person 1: Who's flipping their shit?
Person 2: Oh that's just Christ-O-Phart again, i think he lost
by RickStarBlue February 24, 2018
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