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Chrismerly is an beautiful and Nice person. She can be really confident in herself but could be very shy. When you first meet a Chrismerly she could look very intimidating and scary but once you get the chance to talk to her she’ll make you cry laughing . Chrismerly Also have a really good sense of humor. If you wanna talk about a Chrismerly then your gonna have to talk to her in her face causes she will but you in your place before you can breath. If you simply annoy a Chrismerly then she will but you in your place and scare you to death. Chrismerlys are usually honest with you at all times. Chrismerlys usually are really pretty and smart. Don’t talk shit behind their back either cause it’s hard to become friends with a Chrismerly
Friend: how do I look Chrismerly

Chrismerly: tbh your hair and stuff looks good but your outfit if shit
by Chrismerly May 16, 2018
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