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This person is simply the frontman/ solo artist of Dashboard Confessional. Christopher Ender Carrabba, to be exact, is one of the most popular emo artist, that's what they say. He is just the man who sang these following famous songs namely: Hands Down, Screaming Infidelities, Don't Wait, Rapid Hope Loss, Age Six Racer, Vindicated, Remember to Breathe, Again I go Unnoticed and so much more..... If you still don't know him then search for him in the internet.... and try to listen to his music and you'll know why people love him.. I hope I defined him correctly..
by Pochoy Sotis September 12, 2006
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Born on April 10, 1975, this fine song writer is also the lead singer and guitarist of a popular emo band, known as Dashboard Confessional. He began honing his talent for music during highschool, teaching himself how to play with a guitar that he recived at age 15 from his uncle. His music career began with The Vacant Andys, followed by The Agency, and the more popularly known band, Further Seems Forever. While in FSF, Chris began a side solo project, later known as Dashboard Confessional. After FSF broke up, Chris signed on with Fiddler Records, and then soon after, he signed with Vagrant, a much larger, more well known record label. Dashboard Confessional has released 5 albums and 3 EPs.
"On the way home, this care hears my confessions. I think tonight I'll take the long way."
-The Sharp Hint of New Tears, written by Chris Carrabba. Also the lyrics from which the band name, Dashboard Confessional, were derived.
by MissyWhips November 24, 2006
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