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the past tense of the acronym CHOWN, meaning to change ownership in the world of computer files and geeks
After disconnecting and logging, a description file is written, both files will be chown'ed to the right user and the recorded message will be mailed to him/her.
by Sean August 10, 2004
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what the fuck are you guys talking about, chowned is a clever combination of chown (the unix command) and owned (the lol-maker). they both share 3 letters chOWNed so that makes it clever. someone please remove the other definitions from the dictionary because they are ludicous and offensive. also, dongs.
lol chowned, dick...
by aichains August 16, 2006
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To change ownership. Usable in any situation where someone or something loses possession to someone or something else. When the act occurs, someone exclaims "chowned!" loudly accompanied by snapping fingers, then pointing in a taunting fashion, often at the person or thing being chowned.
He chowned the apartment building jacuzzi last night when that chick made him jizz in it unexpectedly. Its his now.
by jupdog October 07, 2009
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The name "Cho" added to the word "owned"

Why?: "Cho" was a real person who "owned" a bunch of people, and his name just happens to easily be combined with the word "owned".

(Is used in the same manner as the word "owned")
If you don't pay me back my money by tommorow I'm gona chown your ass.

Stop being a dickhead, unless you wana get chowned right now.
by Forever Artist September 03, 2007
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To be purposely killed by a teammate in an online game (teamkilled).
Damn, last night we were getting totally Chowned in Counterstrike by some jerk dropping grenades at our spawn point. Felt like being on the Virginia Tech server.
by Chowned April 30, 2007
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Child Owned. To get tapped by a woman and have a child as a result
Dude! you have a kid! and you're 20!!! dude! Chowned!
by Twitch Jones February 28, 2008
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