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choontaro\ chün•tar-(')O,

It's the slang word predominately used by Hispanics.(mexicans,chicanos,mainly ethnicities descended from mexico in some sense.)It's what the wetbacks call the MOST wetback of the wetbacks.Usually pertaining to the stupid soccer shirts with the gay ass fake or rope jewelry.Usually having long hair,or mullets of some type.They like to listen to shit like Mana and think spanish rock is better than anything else.So in essence it's calling a wetback a wetback to the ¹°th power.

Can and usually is shortened to Choon' or Choo' when insulting choontaros in the area.
I was pulling up and I seen this choontaro on the block,motherfucker was on the grind.I laughed and thought they'll be along to kick his ass shortly.

Man I was at the show,and this choontaro trying to hit on my girl.She just walked away laughing.
by Jobe Reins April 11, 2008
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