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someone , who is so annoying they are almost as bad as rape Williams, basically you say this as u cant put how much you hate them into words
Sutton:"hey i heard what rape Williams did"
ivey:"you did aye "
Sutton:"yeah what a fucking choomp"
by slutton April 26, 2008
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synonym: a lil beashtie

a beastly individual who spends their time shnacking and shouting "MUNH!!"

common variations include: chump, chomp, choompa, choompaloomp.
-mostly used in the DMV area
tessa:"nothing much, ROMEO"
mia:"choompa, i could really use that second hot pocket right about now!"
tessa: "i WOULD give it to you.........but i cant...sorry chompalomp"
by choompaloompa May 04, 2010
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