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a chonsie is a unusual name, uncommonly spelled as is. She/He goes through rough experiences, but are usually the one's who put themselves there. However they are the type of people who learn from the experiences and are there for anyone she/he sees might be going through the same things. They are loving and someone you can always go to for anything. Chonsie's are very loyal to the ones they love and are usually very sweet, until angered. Chonsie's are never sloppy, they are not one night stands nor do they let themselves be taken advantage of. But they are however, one heck of a good time! They don't look approachable but once met, they make those who get the pleasure of meeting them, as happy as can be. Chonsie's are usually short, brown-black hair with light eyes.
person 1: "I really need someone to talk too.."
person 2: " I know a Chonsie that would be perfect."
Chonsie: "come talk to me, do i need to hurt someone?!"
by a sister of a Chonsie. October 24, 2010
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