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To look like a chola - a gangster chick from LA. Being cholafied usually means that you aren't really a true chola and are just appropriating the style. To have shaved off eyebrows which are then pencilled in thin and dark or to have them tattooed on. This gives the eyebrows an unnatural, perfect Sharpied look. Dark lipliner is applied to outline the lips to make them look bigger. Gangs tattoos are also common like a teardrop, 3 dots (Mi Vida Loca), or any tattoo repping where they're from. Additional identifiers of the cholafied style include: cat eyes, hair sprayed high bangs, crunchy gelled hair, bandanas, Dickies, Raiders jerseys, plaid shirts with only the top buttoned, white tank tops, and clean Nike Cortez's.
Lady Gaga is trying to look all cholafied, bringing back Chola style to pop culture. Now all the little girls want to be a Chola for Halloween.

Stop overplucking your eyebrows and putting on dark brown lipliner. You're looking all cholafied.

In middle school, I looked like soooooooo cholafied. Nobody messed with me because I looked so mean.
by Mister_Michael August 05, 2012
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