choi yeonjun is a member in TXT whom deserves alot of love. i would sacrifice my life for him as he is aMaZiNg. he is the oldest in TXT however he is the fake maknae. go stan txt as they are having a comeback on 26 october and go stream!
choi yeonjun is amazing
by stan talent? stan kpop October 9, 2020
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Choi Yeonjun a day keeps the sad moments away.
by ningcait September 13, 2020
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-Excuse me, do you know Choi Yeonjun from Tomorrow x Together?
-oh, you men the 4th gen it boy?
by moa5 September 12, 2020
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Choi Yeonjun (Hangul: 최연준, Romanization: Chwe Yeon-jun), also known as Yeonjun, is the oldest member of the group, TOMORROW X TOGETHER or TXT for short, formed by BigHit Entertainment

His nickname is "fennec fox" as their fandom, MOA (a.k.a Clowns), gave him just by his appearance
Choi Yeonjun is gae for Choi Soobin.
by yeonjiniel March 15, 2021
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Choi Yeonjun aka Choi Daniel the eradication and nuclear weapon of heterosexuality among humankind has now completely polished
"Choi Yeonjun gay king"
by onthestarjun November 20, 2020
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some fandoms are trying to steal yeonjun's name "4th gen it boy" but guess what stupid mfs you can't call your idol with this name hahaha :) because you already know its yeonjun's only.
mark my words and never call your idol with this name because choi yeonjun is the only 4th gen it boy here.
by waengtxt November 7, 2020
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