King Gay is the ruler of all gays. Usually to gain this title, you must be willing to defend all the gays, and advising a discord channel for all who is in your rule.
Wow, he must be the King Gay the way he protects them.
by Helperis July 26, 2018
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When the Pho is so good you have no other choice but to dick down your homies
The soup on the floor suggested that last night must have been Pho king gay.
by Samuel Bacon Brenes February 12, 2018
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prounounced so fucking gay
say this about/to
1. school
2. homework
3. teachers
5. or people you don't like
Teacher: Class,why don't you guy's like me
Class all together: Because your SOFA KING GAY
by That Boy March 10, 2006
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A boy who sucks dick and likes hit but hits on girls so he can brag to them that he is gay and go suck a boys dick
Hi i like sucking dick because im gay king...
by Jsnnsg May 10, 2021
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