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The chillest kid you'll ever meet! She rocks your socks and can never be chirped. Nobody else can ever compare to her because she's so perfect. Nonso is always really attractive and everyone loves her. While she is young, Nonsos are little score-gods, but when they grow up, they turn into sex-gods. Get excited ;)
She's such a chinonso
by kimk February 23, 2015
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Most chinonso's look like a dark skin chris brown. There like a tall version of Kevin hart. Their strong, smart and have brown eyes that are just so amazing. There dick is almost the size of a subway footlong, and there basketball gods. When they become adults their usually 6 foot 6 and stronger than Dwayne the rock Johnson and they become the Micheal Jordan and lebron James of sex . They have the best pull out game on the entire planet, and they get d1 full ride scholarships across the country for basketball. Also the chillest person you'll ever meet!! And makes 16 billion dollars a day.
Don't leave your girlfriend around chinonso, she leave u for him as soon as they shake hands.

I hooked up with chinonso last night, and he almost broke my back.

That chinonso man, he is a fucking God at basketball!
by 0_stay_ballin January 26, 2019
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