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euphanism for threesome sexual position in which the woman is entered from both ends. Coined by director Kevin Smith in "Chasing Amy".
That slut is insatialble, she is especially fond of fingercuffs.
by possesedjester April 21, 2003
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when a girl is getting fucked doggystyle and sucking a guys dick at the same time. it is like finger cuffs in the way you get stuck in both ends.
andy was driving the bus and a dirty whore began to suck his man hood. then d lew relized it was perfect time to give her the chinese finger cuffs so he lifted up her skirt and fucked the bitch right in the ass.(sean burk was was doing the Sneaky Sunderland)
by sean burk April 09, 2006
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The act of putting the head of two penises together, (one circumsized and one uncircumsized), and forcing the foreskin over the other man's penis.
Hey bro what's that thing you did with that indian guy called again?

"Oh yeah that was the chinese finger cuff"
by Man dog 81 July 22, 2017
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